The Hitler salute was not an "ancient salute" nor an "ancient Roman salute" as that is a debunked myth. The Hitler salute came from the USA’s early salute in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag (as shown in the discoveries of the historian Dr. Rex Curry).

Even the term "Roman salute" is a recent invention, quickly adopted and repeated by rubes ever since. The earliest use of the term "Roman salute" in the New York Times was 1922. That is, of course, a long time after 1892, the year that the Pledge of Allegiance was created, and the Hitler salute evolved therefrom. The New York Times, in excerpts further below, shows how it added to American ignorance regarding the Olympic salute, which originated from the Pledge of Allegiance.

To see U.S. Olympic athletes performing a modified American Nazi salute visit

The term "Roman salute" did not exist in 1892, and no one has shown any evidence to the contrary. Yet, Americans continue to display their ignorance with childish evasions of the topic and its relationship to the pledge, Francis Bellamy and American history. Francis Bellamy (author of the pledge) did not ever use the term "Roman salute" and he clearly explained the origin of his gesture: The Pledge began with a military salute that was then extended outward to point at the flag. In practice, the 2nd gesture was performed palm down by rubes (such as yourselves) who lazily pointed the military salute at the flag.

See the shocking old photos and videos of American children doing the nazi salute as part of forced robotic chanting daily on command in government schools (socialist schools) from Dr. Rex Curry's work.

Bellamy was a self-proclaimed national socialist, as was his cousin Edward Bellamy, and they influenced German national socialists, their dogma, rituals (robotic chanting in unison on command with Nazi salutes) and symbols (swastikas used as crossed S-letters for

The pledge is used to brainwash worship of government/socialism as god, supreme or as god-imposed. If the schools taught the truth about the pledge or showed the photos and videos, then no one would perform it. Remove the pledge from the flag. Remove the flags from schools. Remove schools from government. End the USA's police state.

[The following are excerpted parts from a New York Times news article from Aug. 1 1936 in Berlin, showing that the New York Times does not understand Nazi salutes, nor Olympic salutes, nor their origins in the American salutes to the flag in the Pledge of Allegiance. At To be fair, the blame might rest with the author Frederick T. Birchall alone, and his ignorance of America’s Pledge of Allegiance. To see U.S. Olympic athletes performing a modified American Nazi salute visit ]

100,000 Hail Hitler; U.S. Athletes Avoid Nazi Salute to Him

Whistling Interpreted as 'Bronx Cheer' Is Heard as a Team Gives Its Own Salute


[The greeting to the American team was mostly enthusiastic but not comparable with the welcome to some of the other teams, which gave the Olympic or Nazi salute, The Associated Press reports. The American athletes received a bigger hand going out of the stadium than when they entered at which time was heard a noisy whistling reception which some European observers suggested was tantamount to the 'Bronx cheer.']

Athletes Face Hitler

They marched in a procession once around the arena, saluting the dais, each nation, according to its custom, as they passed; then, turning across the field, they took their stand in columns great and small in front of the Fuehrer and the guests of honor, their flags at their head.

Quite naturally, in this long march the interest was centered in the applause given respectively to each and the type of salute each nation gave the dais. The last item wasn't always easily determined because the Olympic and Nazi salutes are very similar, the former being with the right arm stretched out sidewise or nearly so from the shoulder, and the latter being with the arm stretched out in front.

Nevertheless, the crowd carefully noted each salute as indicating the degree of sympathy for the Nazi regime betokened by it. In turn also the mode of saluting had a manifest influence upon the volume of applause received.

In general the salutes stood about equally divided between the Olympic and Nazi, but "eyes right," was common to all. The Americans provided their own special salute by giving eyes right and placing their straw hats over their hearts. This salute also was adopted by China and the Philippines.

Bulgars Goose-Step Past

The Turks were the only team to give a military salute throughout. The Bulgarians drew down handsome applause by flattering German sympathies in a double way. They goose steeped past Hitler and gave the Nazi salute to boot.

The New Zealanders evidently mistook an erect German athlete in white who stood out in front, far to the left of the stand, for the Fuehrer himself, for they removed their hats for this outstanding figure and put them on again while passing the dais.

Some teams apparently did not know the difference between the Olympic and Nazi salutes and rendered mixed homage. The Nazi salute was given by Afghanistan, Bermuda, Bolivia and Iceland, besides, of course, Italy which originated it, and the Germans.

But all the flags of the nations were lowered while passing Hitler with one exception; that of the United States went by proudly borne aloft. An official statement published in all newspapers, however, explained this as due to army regulations and asked for public understanding in the matter.

Sincere Tribute to French

The biggest applause was given the French who marched by most smartly giving the Olympic salute. The crowd rose and cheered them to the echo and it was obviously a genuine tribute.
Next to the biggest applause went to the Austrians, the crowd taking interested notice of the fact that the Austrian team was divided in the matter of saluting, some holding their arms ostentatiously sidewise in the Olympic salute while the majority, including the entire feminine contingent, stretched their arms forward, in the Nazi salute.

Third in the respect of volume of applause were the Hungarians and Japanese. The Czechoslovaks and Rumanians got little if any. The Americans received a cordial if not an overwhelming welcome when their massive column appeared, but just as its head approached the dais the first of the succeeding German contingent came into sight at the Marathon Gate. Immediately the band forgot the march it was playing and broke into "Deutschland Ueber Alles" and the "Horst Wessel" song in turn. The audience, rising promptly, froze in silent attention, so that the Americans marched not to applause but to the tune of these two German national anthems.

[end excerpt from New York Times]

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