How ignorant and uneducated are Americans about U.S. origins of Nazism? Here is a quote from David M. Kinchen's review of of Erik Larson's "In The Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, And An American Family In Hitler's Germany," about William E. Dodd, US ambassador to Germany in 1939 (and his later notorious daughter Martha.): "Attacks on Americans of all religions visiting Germany became common, often prompted and carried out by members of the SA or Storm Troopers. Many of the attacks occurred because the visitors didn't use the Nazi salute. One even involved Milwaukee-born German-American radio broadcaster H.V. Kaltenborn, but it -- like the other attacks -- had little effect on the State Department, either, Larson relates." That is from

It shows how uneducated Americans are in that the quote was probably written by someone who does not know that the Nazi salute came from the USA and its Pledge of Allegiance, where attack occurred (for refusing to salute) long before Adolf Hitler followed suit. See the discoveries of the historian Dr. Rex Curry.

How common was the practice of attacks in America as well as in Germany? Americans were attacked, arrested, even lynched in the USA by other Americans for not performing the Nazi salute in the USA's Pledge, at the same time that similar things happened under German National Socialism. That is one of many reasons why the German attacks might have "had little effect on the state department" in the USA. There were court cases in the USA upholding the arrest and jailing of people who refused the nazi salute, children taken from parents who refused to force their children to salute and chant, children expelled from government schools for refusal. There was a U.S. Supreme Court case that initially upheld persecution for refusal to salute and chant on command. The reason the supreme court reversed itself was due to the additional persecution and violence that its own initial opinion inspired. Do Supreme Court cases mean that the practice was "common"? Was the practice of persecution more common in the USA than it was in Germany?

Eric Larson probably is unaware of that and he is the author of "In The Garden of Beasts."

It is a red herring to say that German national socialists had direct subsidies to hotels and up to at least 1938 strenuously encouraged tourism from the English-speaking world (cf. the Berlin Olympics) as part of a national programme of public relations. No one claims that the attacks that Dodd referenced were part of a national program, although that argument could be made based on Mein Kampf and in that there were German laws that compelled the gesture, just as there were laws in the USA that compelled the gesture. Prewar propaganda sought to establish that Germany was a world model for socialist order and good government. And the reality is that beating up and persecuting people happened (and eventually mass slaughter) and why would that not have included foreign tourists either by mistake or because of xenophobia or their backgrounds? Besides, what did Dodd mean by the word "common" in regard to the horrid reality of what happened?

The other poster is part of an intermittent campaign to hide the Pledge's putrid past and to hide the USA's role in the socialist mess. The other poster focused in part on the myth that German socialists borrowed the Roman salute from Mussolini (as everybody knew in the 1920s, according to the other poster) but from the American socialist Edward Bellamy (1850-1898). The other poster provides no citation to support the Mussolini myth, of course, as there is none). And "everybody knew" certainly did not include Americans who had been force to perform the Nazi salute in government schools for about 3 decades before Mussolini, or suffer persecution. Some Americans opposed changing the gesture with the argument that "It was our salute first" (and they were correct on that last point). They knew. Even if there were some people in Germany (Hitler?) who did not know that Americans had been forced to do it for 3 decades, everyone was not equally ignorant. On top of it all, the other poster is left with the obvious point: if Hitler borrowed it from Mussolini, and Mussolini borrowed it from the USA, then German socialists borrowed it from the USA. Note that the other poster has dropped the old "ancient Roman salute" myth and adopted the "Mussolini myth." Dr. Curry debunked the ancient Roman salute myth by showing that the myth developed from the USA's Pledge of Allegiance.

Also, the claim that the gesture came from American National Socialist Edward Bellamy shows that the other poster will not inform himself on the topic. The gesture came from Francis Bellamy (Edward's cousin and cohort) when Francis began his chant with a military salute that was then extended outward to point at the flag (the nazi salute evolved from Francis' use of the military salute).

Both Bellamys referred to themselves as national socialists and touted "military socialism" (their term. they wanted all of society to emulate the military). They influenced the worst socialists worldwide, including National Socialist German Workers Party and its rituals (robotic chanting to flags & leaders), dogma, and symbols (including the use of the swastika to symbolize overlapping S-letters for "socialism" under German national socialism).

The Bellamys also preached the deadly dogma of "economic equality." The following is a photograph of the front page, listing editor Edward Bellamy.

The Bellamys wanted government to take over all educational institutions and create an "industrial army" to spread their dogma.

The Nationalist magazine was also started by Edward Bellamy, with the assistance of Henry Willard Austin. Note that the publishing organization was named "THE NATIONALIST EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION" in deliberate similarity to the National Education Association (NEA). This is a photograph of the Nationalist Magazine from Edward Bellamy

To learn more about Edward Bellamy enjoy the following video

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