Stupid news stories complain that Texas High School students performed the Mexican Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish. Consider this: Pledges of Allegiance should NOT be chanted in Spanish or English (especially NOT the USA's pledge) - Pledges of Allegiance should ONLY be chanted in German, Russian or Chinese. Stop the USA's pledge of Allegiance.

The Mexican pledge continues to be performed with the USA's early salute which was the Nazi salute, the origin of the salute of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

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It would be more appropriate if the USA pledge were performed with its early Nazi salute, as it would help everyone understand the purpose and history.

Edward Bellamy and Francis Bellamy (author of the Pledge) touted military socialism and
national socialism and their dogma was the origin of the Nazi salute
when Francis Bellamy began the Pledge of Allegiance with the military
salute that was then extended outward to point at the flag. They
influenced the National Socialist German Workers Party, its rituals
(robotic chanting to flags & leaders), dogma, and symbols (including
the use of the swastika to represent overlapping S-letters for
"socialism" under German national socialism. The above are some of the
discoveries in the the work of the noted historian Dr. Rex Curry.

American socialists, including the Bellamys, influenced Stalin, Mao and Hitler (the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Peoples Republic of China, and the National Socialist German Workers Party), the worst mass murderers of all time.

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I work for the "Stop The Pledge" foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to freeing Americans from the Pledge of Allegiance and its putrid past of robotic nazi-style brainwashing. Americans are ignorant about their Pledge of Allegiance. Please see the work of the historian Dr. Rex Curry cited in the book "Libertarian History" by the author Lin Xun. It includes these shockers: (1) that the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag" was the origin of the Nazi salute and Nazi behavior; (2) that the military salute was the origin of the Nazi salute (via the military salute's use in the original Pledge of Allegiance) and; (3) Swastikas represented crossed "S" letter shapes for "socialist" under Hitler. At amazon At kindle The National Socialist German Workers Party was influenced by American National Socialists, including Francis Bellamy (author of the Pledge) and his cousin and cohort Edward Bellamy (the author of American books on National Socialism). Remove the Pledge from the flag. Remove the flag from schools. Remove schools from government.