VW Volkswagen & Adolf Hitler Nazis & swastikas (& audi logo emblem symbology)

The Volkswagen logo is alphabetical symbolism of the meshed letters "V" and "W" that exposes the swastika as intertwined "S" shapes symbolizing "Socialism" for the monstrous National Socialist German Workers' Party. It is more proof in support of discoveries by the noted historian and symbologist Dr. Rex Curry. rexcurry.net/bookchapter4a1a2a.html

Audi also supports Dr. Curry's discoveries. rexcurry.net/bookchapter4a1a2a1.html

Trabant also provides support for the discoveries. rexcurry.net/trabant-sachsenring-rex-curry.html

Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH provides additional evidence.

Organisation Todt under Dr. Ing. Fritz Todt also lends support. rexcurry.net/bookchapter4a1a2b.html

The Krit Motor Car Company of Detroit supports Dr. Curry's discoveries. It was an American car that bore a swastika long before it was associated with German cars and the Volkswagen VW. rexcurry.net/krit_motor_car_company_detroit.html

More graphic examples are at rexcurry.net/swastika-vw-logo.JPG

Many people forget that the word "Nazi" is a syncopation for "National Socialist German Workers Party." The group's actual full name indicates Nazism's clear affinities with collectivism.

Germany in the 1930's often used symbols for letters and words. Common symbols under the National Socialist German Workers' Party often used the "S" shape, including the side-by-side use in the "SS" Division and the overlapping use in the Hakenkreuz - swastika. The German word for "swastika" is "Hakenkreuz" ("hooked cross" or "armed cross").

Swastika images 1 rexcurry.net/swastika3clear.jpg
Swastika pictures 2 rexcurry.net/swastika3swastika.jpg
Swastika images 3 rexcurry.net/fascism-third-reich-hitler-nazism-swastika45...

Hitler was aware of the practice, and perhaps the source of the practice, in that he evolved "Adolf Hitler" into "S Hitler" in his own signature. rexcurry.net/bookchapter4a1a4.html

It was a manner of declaring his socialism every time he signed his name and it was equivalent to signing "Socialist Hitler."

It is part of growing evidence that supports the discovery by Dr. Rex Curry (in the book "Swastika Secrets") that the Hakenkreuz, although an ancient symbol, was used also to represent "S" shapes for "Socialism" and its victory under the horrid National Socialists.

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