Another one of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's socialist programs or pogroms after the government's depression of 1929 -
   Japanese pledge of allegiance to the flag sports day olympic salute nazis fascists socialists
Americans of Japanese descent perform early American stiff-arm salute at internment camp
(Another one of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's socialist programs or pogroms after the government's depression of 1929).

A different photograph is often seen that is a poignant image of Japanese-American children saying the pledge of allegiance (with the hand-over-the heart) soon after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered the relocation of 120,000 Japanese-Americans into internment camps in the West (said hand-over-the-heart photo is by Dorothea Lange). The people who display Lange's hand-over-the-heart pic never show the stiff-armed salute photograph of Japanese-Americans (or any Americans) and never mention Dr. Rex Curry's work showing that it was the origin of the Hitler salute/Nazi salute under the National Socialist German Workers Party. Part of the reason is a media cover-up of the early pledge history, and part of the reason is sheer ignorance of the Pledge of Allegiance caused by government schools (socialist schools) that in turn cover-up the pledge's putrid past.

Lange also photographed Thomas Cave with his social security number tattooed to his arm during the government's depression in 1939 (the year that the National Socialist German Workers Party joined as allies with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in a pact to divide up Europe and both invaded Poland et cetera).

Lange, a photographer working for the ominously titled Resettlement Administration (RA), had previously worked for FERA (forerunner of today's FEMA) and later the FSA, took the picture of the socialist slave number under the auspices of the USDA. Before the New Deal, government was much smaller, and, saving the USDA, these "alphabetics" (as they were also called) did not exist.

Government in the USA subjected many people of many cultures to military socialism and taught them to perform the early American stiff-arm salute (adopted later by the National Socialist German Workers Party).  Some societies are still performing the early American straight-arm salute, as shown in more photographs.

The stiff-arm salute in the United States was also adopted as the official Olympic salute and spread internationally. See

Americans of Japanese descent were exposed to the early American stiff-armed salute in government schools (socialist schools) and at internment camps. The following photograph shows an internment camp in the U.S. with Americans of Japanese descent.

Japan still uses the American salute as shown in a video on with the ignorant title ", Roman Salute @ Sports Day"  Ah Japan, posted by gaijingunma on April 01, 2009
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